Monday, 2 January 2017

Choristers in Summer 1970

A slightly convoluted series of events led to this photograph being discovered in the Lichfield Cathedral School archives a few months ago. It shows the choristers standing on the steps leading to the South transept door after a recording session for the Ascensiontide Evensong LP in summer 1970.

The inscription on the reverse of the image reads:

The Choristers after a recording session within Cathedral, Summer Term 1970.

Adrian Hill, Andrew West, Andrew Preece, Simon Chadwick, James Lockyer
Crispin Morton, Christopher James, Jeremy Cave, David Newell, Jonathan Channon
David Winfield, Thomas Hyatt, Jeremy Summerly, William Ring
Jonathan Morton (Head Chorister), Timothy Soar

(Jeremy Grinnell-Moore was in bed, Roger Langford and James Newell - new and too young)

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